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The Fremlin Family Name

The Fremlin name is rare. The earliest record which has been found of the family refers to a Michael Fremolyn who served on a jury at Kemsing in 1275. Until 1558 the records remain fragmentary; but from the accession of Elizabeth we have a fairly complete set of parish registers of births, marriages and deaths from Kemsing and the surrounding villages which, complemented by occasional wills, make it possible to compile a family tree which has some chance of being largely correct. It seems that every living Fremlin is descended from one of two brothers; William Fremlin, born 1755, and John Fremlin, born 1756, both from a family long established in the village of Kemsing, west of Maidstone in Kent.

The word Gremlin was supposedly coined by pilots who had drunk of Fremlin's beer from the Fremlin family brewery. The brewery was since bought up by Whitbread and Fremlin's Bitter continued to be produced for a while, but in a different process, before it was shut down altogether.

There is apparently a Fremlin Street in Sydney and in West Auckland.

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